Girl Gang Sheffield is a multi-faceted, award winning events collective based in Sheffield. Began in 2015 between two friends, the group has since grown to create an all-inclusive, multi-gendered community of artists, designers, theatre performers, DJs, musicians, writers and much more with the goal of bringing visibility to the talents of women in our city.

Girl Gang Sheffield create immersive events; from large scale film-screenings to skill-sharing workshops, female fronted club nights to weekly socials, all with the intention of promoting positivity, confidence and collaboration within our society.

We believe in the overwhelming power of communal support, using our talents to help others develop their own, and celebrating successes when they happen. We’re constantly growing and are always readily welcoming new ideas.

Girl Gang Sheffield exists to be a platform for creativity and fun! If you’d like to find out more, or join our collective, please get in touch!