What is Girl Gang?

Our Girl Gang is a group of creatives, artists, musicians and talents, who are dedicated to bringing immersive cinema screenings, club nights, exhibitions and workshops to Sheffield, Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh and beyond.

Why did you start Girl Gang?

Girl Gang was born from a collaboration between two female business owners, who wanted to create something special.

Vanhessa, owner of Hello Fruits clothing line, approached Ellie, of the Handmade Cinema screening company, to collaborate on an immersive screening to accompany her Mean Girls-inspired clothing line.

Discussing the difficulties they faced in making connections with other creatives – they realised there was a need for a diverse, supportive and welcoming community.

We want to find the people who are doing awesome stuff or want to do awesome stuff, and throw them together to make something beautiful. As our manifesto says: “someone else’s successes are not your failures” – we really are stronger together!

From developing this community in Sheffield, we have naturally progressed to further cities as our original team has dispersed into Manchester, Leeds and Edinburgh.

Are men welcome at Girl Gang?

We get asked this all the time! Yes, the majority of our events are open to people of all genders. Our community aims to platform and celebrate women and non-binary people, and our audience is often largely made up of people who identify as women. However, all genders are welcome to support our community.

Are you inclusive of trans women, non-binary people or other people on the LGBT+ spectrum?

Yes, we are. We understand and appreciate that many people don’t feel like they identify with the very simplistic binary of gender that society is used to – and we want all people to feel welcome. We understand that our name ‘Girl Gang’ doesn’t make this super-clear, as not everyone feels comfy with the term ‘girl’ – and this is totally fine. We want to create spaces for everyone to feel safe, and where the dominant force is not cis men. Trans women are women. Not everyone wants to be part of the binary. We see you and we support you.

Can I start my own Girl Gang in a new city?

Currently all the Girl Gangs in different cities are all set up by people were part of the original Sheffield gang, and our network has organically expanded from this.
If you’d really like to become part of this team – find the group closest to you, get involved in discussions etc, get involved and we’ll be happy to help.
We obviously support the existence of supportive communities across the country – and we have great relationships with similar groups – such as Girls That Gig, or Fan Club. However, if you’re interested in joining our specific Girl Gang community, please get in touch.

How do I join a Girl Gang?

Turn up, comment, like, share, send us a message, a photo, collaborate, support, take part. There is no subscription fee, no initiation. You want in, you are in!


Who does Girl Gang love?

-Fan Club in Notts; they put on incredible parties and run a great zine. There are loads of other inspiring group running on girl power

-Girls That Gig

-Equaliser (DJ Collective)

-Thirsty Girls (DJ Collective)

-Modes of Expression

– Eggs Collective, a Manchester trio making “sharp, fun, culturally-observational performance that falls somewhere in the cracks between theatre and cabaret.” The group explore feminism through a humorous view of the world.

– Together Women are a group who work to move women out of crime and into positive futures by working with them to build resilience and develop strengths that enable them to move away from damaging lifestyles in safe women-only spaces.

– Gal (Guerilla Art Lab) are a collective of artists, curators and producers from Nottingham who have opened a space in the city center for artists to put on exhibitions, film, rehearse & have a community of live/performance/new media and a shop of art stuff that follows the artist’s heart, not trends; darker, queer, kitsch, rude, feminist, political, geeky, urban, geometric art that doesn’t fit in and doesn’t want to.

– Designing Out Suicide, a collaborative project in Sheffield of workshops and meet ups to raise awareness of suicide in women. The final goal is a collaborative zine in response to submitted work, workshops, discussion groups, interviews and shared experiences. Specifically, the aim of the zine is to raise the awareness of women suffering with suicidal thoughts/ideations or mental health problems which could lead to suicide.

– Female:Pressure an international network of female artists in electronic music and digital arts: from musicians, composers and DJs to visual artists, cultural workers and researchers. It’s a worldwide resource of female talent that focuses on strengthening networking, communication and representation for women in music.

– Bunny Collective is an art/exhibition group that aims to showcase the work of emerging female artists with a focus on issues of gender, the body, sexuality and how we exist online.