We started way back in 2015, it seems like a lifetime ago. Doesn’t time fly when you are having fun? We will take you through a journey from our latest event, right back to where we started…


Buffy The Dancefloor Slayer @ Delicious Clam

Halloween is a pretty big deal for the GG team, what better way to celebrate this year than to honour Buffy the Vampire Slayer? We screened two episodes, one fan favourite (Fear Itself) and one we picked ourselves (Hush). We decked out the room in true spooky Halloween fashion and welcomed our fellow Buffy fans to take part in our quiz, watch with us and dance the night away. Nightowls DJ (Sarah Christie) and the People’s Princess (our very own Megan Griffith) put our dancing shoes to the test playing bangers til the small hours.

Clothes swap with Mind

We had a great opportunity to support a cause we believe in and get some new garms in a more sustainable way. We found some absolute gems and raised money for charity, definitely banked some good karma there!

Plates @ Foodhall

If you are in Sheffield and haven’t been to Foodhall yet, you need to sort out your priorities grrl. We hosted a Plates, an incredible concept where people from the community get free reign of the Foodhall Kitchen, create a menu and then serve the masses. People pay as they feel and it raises money for Foodhall as well as producing a beautiful communal eating experience. Our babes Ellie and Claire served up Autumnal realness this year, we hope to return to take on the kitchen so keep your peepers peeled.

Burn the Witch 2 @ DINA

BTW is a collaborative project, it sprang from the brain of incredible Sheffield based artist Lisa O’hara. We are the great-grandchildren of the witches you could not burn! Together we celebrate and challenge the archetype of The Witch and Hysteria. We’ll be calling out so-called pathologies of mental wellbeing. An evening of witchiness, music, rituals, and empowerment! We enjoyed live performances from Oxo Foxo, People Here and BABEPUNCH, pop up art exhibition, feminist poetry, inspiring talks, glitter mermaids painting faces and dancing til dawn.

6 – Speedmate – ings

Ever wished there was a tinder for friends? Feeling a bit lonely in the big city? Not anymore you’re not! With conversation starters, challenges and games a go, we invite all to a speed session so silly and inclusive that you’ll step outside of usual comfort zone without even realising. Speed Mate-ing rebels against the pressures of adulthood and our increasingly online lives, to get people in a room together, talking to strangers, being your most authentic selves and creating connections between new friends, quickly and fear free!

Taking inspiration from dating shows, bad business meetings, teenage sleepovers, art attack and agony aunts, the evening is hosted and facilitated with enough structure to keep you secure and enough freedom for fun!

4 –  DRAFT Art Social Clubs @ Delicious Clam

Draft is a space for arty babes to show their artworks, poems, writing, explore art, and share experiences. We’ve been blessed this year with amazing speakers art journalist – Hannah Clugston, public programme curator – Kerry Campbell, artist – Roanna Wells and interdisciplinary artist – Sheila Ghelani.

5 –  Girl Gang Running Clubs

Jules has brought us together,  we’ve huffed, puffed and galloped around Endcliffe park during our monthly meet and run. Everyone is welcome, all abilities, all ages, all shapes, all people, all love; it’s about just doing you! Wear those unicorn leggings or your lounge jogging gear – we don’t care; it’s whatever makes you feel comfortable. Exercising should be accessible and inclusive. We’re here to provide a body-positive and supportive group.

2 – True Crime Book Clubs

Claire started up a true crime book club, here’s what she had to say about her love for true crime:

‘I have a confession. I love serial killers.  Well, that’s a little strong. I don’t love serial killers, I’m not out there, writing them fan mail, sending them chocolates in prison, idly writing ‘Mrs Dahmer’ surrounded by hearts in my notepads, but I am fascinated by them. Of anything death and murder related, really. I have been, for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I had a Filofax of horror (as your grandparents, kids). I have very clear memories being terrified of the stories but kept on going back for another sneaky peak. For a long time, I thought that it was just something weird and macabre that I was into all by lonesome. Turns out, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The business of true crime is booming and this surge of interest is large being driven by women.’

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events if true crime is your thing.

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