#sheffieldgirl was born in October 2015 but Sheffield girls have been around for years, making music, taking care of business and always bringing the party. We collaborated with the creator of the hashtag to make an event celebrating Sheffield ‘girls’ and there place in the music scene. We wanted to share all this information we have amassed with you, celebrate Sheffield and those voices that so oft are written out of history. This has so much potential to grow as an archive of amazing women and non binary people making waves in not only music but every industry! In time we will build this and you’ll be able to search the tags and find out more about these incredible humans.

Well, where do we start?! Auriel Majumdar is the founder of #sheffieldgirl, she started the hashtag in 2015 as a response to women’s voices being left out of the music scene narrative. Read more about it at State of the Arts.
auriel wordpress
We were at The Limit, Leadmill, Marples, Isabella’s…we saw the B52s, Joy Division, Buzzcocks; I used to dance like it had just been invented. Still do, sometimes! I was a Jive Turkey girl – I used to see Parrot and Winston DJ at Occasions and City Hall and it felt like home – I was always a Jive Turkey punter and that felt like being a really big part of what that night was. I had DJ’d a bit at college – I was little and trendy – but I was happiest as a punter. And that’s really where I was, I was one of all those people bringing the party.

‘And so #sheffieldgirl was not about beating up all the men integral to the city, but it was about telling MY story, OUR story, women on the music scene. Because if you don’t speak up, it can be re-written without you and I don’t want anyone telling my story without me in it.’

-Auriel Majumdar, State of the Arts.

‘If she’s not there, there ain’t no party. From the planning, styling, execution and delivery of many an underground rave, Sheffield loves Auriel. Big up ya good self #sheffieldgirls’

– Amy Carter

Auriel brings it on the dancefloor and without party starters where would we be! She is still first on that dancefloor, still brings that party. Currently working towards a doctorate. Artist, mentor, poet and a part of our Girl Gang family.

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