Girl Gang collab update: Colouring books

We were absolutely overwhelmed by your support of our crowdfunding efforts and set to work straight away putting the funding into action. 


We’re sure you’ve seen our colouring book dotted about on our Facebook and Twitter by now. This was the first collaboration project set by us to bring together and lend focus to some fantastic local artists, all ranging in age and experience.

Inspired by our then upcoming screening of The Punk Singer we asked contributing artists to respond to two questions; what does music and your girl gang mean to you? The artworks were varied and intriguing, all the written responses are printed in the book too!

“We asked artists to respond to two questions; what does music and your girl gang mean to you?”

In the end, 10 artists including myself (Charly Calpin) and Vanhessa Longley contributed to the book. The artwork is so diverse in style there is something for everyone, so whether you colour between the lines or break all the rules, we hope you’ll find something to fall in love with.

All pages are perforated so each work can be pulled out, framed, posted and given as a present. All printing was kept in Sheffield too, so not only are you supporting local artists, you are supporting local printers too.


Pinders of Sheffield printed the books for us, with a short run print of just 30 original books. For full transparency, we’ll give you the numbers:

30 x 20 single side pages, front and back covers, A4 200gsm uncoated Wire-O-Bind books with acetate cover = £240.82

Each individual book cost £8.03 to print, and they are retailing at £15. As one of our artists Emma von Cooper has kindly donated her fee back to the project, we can pay each artist £30 total for their contribution, and we can re-fund the collaboration pot to continue to fund future projects.

We also printed A0 versions to be collaboratively coloured at The Punk Singer event, at £19 each. We have offered these prints back to the artists at cost price to pay the fund back.

The remaining A0 prints will be exhibited and used for workshops, and then sold on to generate further income to artists artists on top of the colouring book earnings.

We couldn’t be happier with how the final book looks, it’s so exciting to see people’s work come to life and fulfill what we set out to do.

 Please support independent creatives and help us to show what amazing talent we have in Sheffield. Our first major crowdfunding project has been a huge learning curve for myself, but I enjoyed every minute and loved working with all the artists.


“It’s so exciting to see people’s work come to life and fulfill what we set out to do!”


We can’t wait to show them all the coloured in pages and tell them we’ve sold out!

 There are only 30 books available, and we have almost sold a third of them. They are currently stocked in Roco Creative Co-op on Glossop Rd next to the Harley and available online here:


Thank you a million times over, we couldn’t have done it without you!
If you want to know more or have any questions get in touch at

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