Welcome to our blog, where we’ll be sharing inspiration, encouraging discussion and creating a platform for positivity. Welcome to a space where ideas will be explored. Welcome to a new way to access what our collective is all about. And importantly, welcome to the girl gang.

We’re a small group with big ideas, and we’ve grown faster than we ever expected to. What started as a small handful of girls planning a fun event about Mean Girls has quickly become an incredibly powerful and inspiring platform for women in Sheffield, Manchester and beyond. We’re in over our heads and we love it, and we love all of you.

So much of what we’ve managed to achieve has come from saying the right things to those who needed to hear them, from offering support for people who just needed a friend to offering a table at an event to sell some handmade products.

We understand, so much, that it’s not easy to have the confidence to put yourself, your voice and your work out into the public domain. While we try to create the safest spaces possible, the real world isn’t always easy and everyone needs a little support.

Our recent events have seen a huge push in uplifting the people who inspire us, and leaning on the creativity and individuality of wonderful people to help ideas come to life. This space can do that too. Aspiring writers or bloggers, or just anyone with an idea to contribute, can be heard and shared on our blog.

As our gang has grown and our events have multiplied, we’re so happy to finally have a space to keep up an ongoing momentum, update everyone on what’s happening, and also provide a platform for other bloggers to become part of what we’re doing, and to inspire each other too.

So if you’d like to write for our blog, or if you’d like existing work to be republished and promoted here, give us a shout! Or if you’d like to join our mailing list for pitches and discussions, email Kaz with the subject ‘blog mailing list’.



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