Where it all started…

It started with a conversation between our co-founders Ellie Ragdale and Vanhessa Fruits. What started as a small handful of girls planning a fun event about Mean Girls has quickly become an incredibly powerful and inspiring platform for women. We’re in over our heads and we love it, and we love all of you.

North Shore’s Spring Fling was transposed to Sheffield & Manchester for one night only, with a fully decorated venue and interactive elements from the film such as a Reclaim Your Shame Anti-Burn Book and Share The Love Candy Cane Post Box. The night included workshops ranging from crafts and creative skill-sets to positivity and empowerment, The Ultimate Mean Girls Quiz, a mini market of female run businesses, pop up performance Personally Victimised By Regina George.


The event was awarded Best Single Event at the national Cinema For All Awards after it’s first outing in Sheffield. Mean Girls is quotable and #relatable, but it’s more than that, it explores peer pressure, seeking approval, being yourself, not seeing other women as competition, that their is room for everyone, and so on.

What’s your favourite Mean Girls quote?

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